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    ADF Supply a Half Weigh-Bridge!

    One of ADF's long-standing customers recently moved to a new site. Their business had changed over the last few years; originally the vehicles coming in and out of their works were articulated lorries but these are now short wheel based vehicles....  Read More...

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    What's in a 7lb Brass Bell Weight?

    .....normally 7lbs of brass and a lead plug! We found this weight at an antique market about ten years ago. Normally weights found on stalls have been acid cleaned so no history remains but this one is a little different.  Read More...

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    ADF help to move boxes

    ADF were approached by a large manufacturer of component kits, which are sent all over the world to improve the accuracy of various component quantities in these completed kits. Due to numerous shortages of items in the individual containers, this lead to serious problems  Read More...

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    Improving Accuracy and Faster Packing Times

    A plastic injection-moulding manufacturer, who produces high quality components for their customers, contacted ADF regarding an inaccurate and slow packaging system. The management of this company needed higher accuracy counting; they were experiencing high returns  Read More...

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    Weighbridge Struck by Lightning

    One of ADF’s local customers, a very busy metal processing company, had their 15-metre long road weighbridge struck by lightning. It was installed and no lightning conductors had been fitted by the supplier; subsequently serious irreparable damaged occurred   Read More...

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